De-stigmatise hearing loss and increase awareness of Specsavers as a hearing expert 


To start a new, less scary public health conversation about hearing loss, Specsavers turned one of the most famously misheard songs into a hearing test you couldn’t ignore. Re-recording Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up with the wrong lyrics people have been mishearing for years – then releasing it by ‘Rick-Rolling’ the world on social media with a tease-and-reveal launch that sparked a cultural conversation. Followed up by educational content and even a radio ad.


We started a national conversation on hearing loss that changed perceptions of Specsavers, attitudes to hearing loss and drove a record-breaking 66% increase in hearing test bookings and a 138% increase in % search traffic identifying Specsavers in relation to audiology.

The campaign drove a 2-year peak overall coverage / discussion around hearing tests with a social reach of over 28 million and 400 pieces of media coverage, with Rick's tease post generating a staggering 8 million organic views in just 48 hours, becoming his most viewed social post ever.