Health with a human touch

We are a global integrated healthcare communications agency.

Part of the IPG network, we bring the best of what you would expect from a leading medical communications – high science expertise, clinical practice and full-service medical education across the whole product lifecycle, with what you would expect from the biggest consumer agencies – trend setting thinking, driven by sharp strategies and bold creativity.

We draw on the latest principles of human learning and behavioral science to deliver stand-out education experiences, impactful creative programs and engaging scientific storytelling.

Above all, we are human.

Our teams know patients and people are at the center of everything we do, so no matter how rigorous we are, how data-driven our work, or how much research we’ve done, we always seek to appeal to our audiences on a personal, human level. This is reflected in our culture – a happy, healthy place to be – and one that encourages us to bring the best of ourselves to any project.