WaterWipes had robust clinical evidence that it is purer than cotton wool and water and wanted to be the #1 HCP recommended baby wipe in the maternity and neonatal environment.


We worked with the Skin Health Alliance (SHA) to empower global HCPs to advocate WaterWipes to new parents. To drive peer-to-peer advocacy and brand affinity we hosted a Global Advisory Board (GAB) attended by KOLs across midwifery, dermatology, and neonatology specialisms. A suite of scientific resources showcased WaterWipes’ credentials, including a white paper, scientific literature, opinion pieces and an HCP newsletter.

To sustain interest, we partnered with the SHA at the 2021 World Congress of Paediatric Dermatology (WCPD) to host an interactive Q&A on the impact of product ingredients on atopic and diaper dermatitis.