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Healthcare communications with a human touch

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We are a global communications agency that delivers

Health with a Human Touch

The way we communicate about health is constantly changing. Communicating in the right way to the people who need and want this information enables better informed decisions about health and wellbeing.  Fundamentally it helps people lead better lives. To genuinely connect with our audiences, we need to do so on a personalised and authentic level. It’s time for a more human-centred approach. At Virgo Health, we think it’s about Being Human. As specialists across the full spectrum of health communications, Virgo Health delivers health with a human touch. We must be clear about current realities, we must be relevant to the people we want to appeal to and above all else, we must be truly human in the way we approach everything we do.

Being Real…Being Relevant…Being Human


Being Human in practice

 Being the best we can humanly be and doing the most we can humanly do

The Virgo vision is to deliver a truly personal service where the exceptional is always the rule our mission is to constantly raise the bar in healthcare communications. As a genuinely values-driven, people-centric business, committed to putting our clients and our team first, we have long understood the need to put humans at the centre of everything we do. We take the greatest pride in delivering human-insight driven, ground-breaking and award-winning health communications that make a real difference.

Health Communications


Using novel techniques to uncover new human insights, our industry-leading medical healthcare communications teams offer brand, corporate, internal, digital and market access communications.

Consumer Health & Wellbeing


The only specialist team dedicated exclusively to the broad consumer health and wellbeing, bringing the very best of  what you’d expect from the biggest consumer agencies combined with the expertise required in healthcare with an approach to communications that is centered around our human insights process – Insight, Inspiration, Impact.

Health Education

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Our dedicated teams of medical and editorial specialists focus on human-centred medical learning techniques for healthcare professionals, enabling them to direct and manage their own education.


The Pharmacy

More ‘Breaking Bad’ than ‘Boots the Chemist’ the Pharmacy dispenses directional creative content from conceptual thinking to tangible solutions including digital, art direction, videography and graphic design. Our ‘Pharmacists’ work closely with each division to bring to life our clients real and relevant ‘human’ stories.


Our clients

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