Getting smart about engaging MS Specialist nurses | Novartis

Virgo Health Education

Breaking the mould for a UK Pharma-sponsored meeting, ‘The Get Smart – MS Specialist Nurse Meetings’ series continues to add exceptional value to the profession – and patients. And it all started with an advisory board with a group of MS Specialist Nurses, three blank pieces of paper and our Virgo facilitator.

From challenges to topics, we designed a meaningful, memorable and action-orientated meeting series described as a ‘must go to’ event. Get Smart has supported over 3/4 of the MS Specialist Nurse community in the UK, giving outstanding benefits to profession, patient and pharma partner.

Communiqué 2016 finalist

In light of the programme’s success, Get Smart was nominated for an ‘Excellence in Communications via Meetings’ award at the 2016 Communiqué Awards.

“The educational value of this creative and energetic programme was high, reinforced by the RCN accreditation, as was the endorsement from stakeholders.  This was a bold step in transforming the way the company interacts with HCPs and left a very positive impression.”Communiqué Judges