Follow My Lead I Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Imagine living with lung cancer. Now imagine being asked if you smoked. Do you deserve to die if you did? Every day lung cancer patients face remarks that hurt, even if they were unintentional. We drew on these real-life patient experiences to address the stigma and contribute to a better patient experience with the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation for Lung Cancer Awareness month.

People often feel nervous and uncomfortable when speaking to someone living with cancer, leading them to sometimes say the wrong thing. Our campaign aimed to address that awkward, clumsy conversational moment. Partnering with UK comedian and health activist, John Ryan, we wrote and filmed a thought-provoking and light-hearted poem, directly rooted in the real-life patient experiences and tackling the taboo of ‘what do I say’.

Collaborating with a stand-up comedian might not be the obvious choice, but the decision paid off and created the Foundation’s ‘best campaign yet’. #FollowMyLead doubled social engagement rates, secured an earned collaboration with TFL to place our poem on their announcement boards, featured on the Mail on Sunday and Sky News, even leading to a Sky News Twitter debate. We received 2.6M social impressions with over 800K video views and a 50% increase YOY in social engagements.  25% of global lung cancer related social engagement in November came from #FollowMyLead, giving the Foundation a leading SOV with 100% positive sentiment.

 “Most positive thing I have ever seen regarding cancer.”

“I love this, its just how dad would have put in words 💖”