Emma’s Global Workplace Warning I Fellowes UK

Fellowes asked us to drive mass awareness of workspace health and wellbeing, educating employers and employees alike that adopting ergonomic workspace solutions offers a proactive approach to workplace health.

We worked with Behavioural Futurist, William Higham and a panel of experts in ergonomics and occupational health, to research the effects workspace environments are having on office workers’ health. The Fellowes ‘Future Work Colleague Report’ highlighted how current working habits can affect our health and that certain behaviours and problems, if left unchecked, will leave the majority of office workers with permanently bent backs and a huge range of health problems by 2040.

The range of health problems were shocking in themselves, but we knew we needed a ‘wake up call’ activation to ensure the story gained wide-reaching media attention and that our target audience really sat up (straight) and took notice.

We created Emma, the work colleague of the future. A life-sized representation of how the human body could change in 20 years time, physically and visually, if we don’t take our health seriously and change the way we work. And it’s not pretty. The life-sized model and accompanying video visualises and illustrates the danger of hunchbacks, varicose veins, bloodshot eyes, becoming overweight and repetitive strain injury.

We then set about leveraging our global workplace health warning cross nationals, consumer titles, trades, healthcare, HR and more. With Emma’s help we generated nothing short of a cultural phenomenon.

We secured 650 pieces of international coverage including UK Tier 1 titles and broadcast such as the Mail Online, BBC World News, London Live, Metro, Channel Five and Sky News. Global coverage across 66 countries, with considerable broadcast reach including all major US TV networks. Emma even starred alongside Johnathan Ross on his chat show and was created into memes. All driving a reach of 79BN.