We're Communiqué Medical Education Consultancy of the Year 2016!

The Communiqué Awards are specifically designed to recognise and commend excellence and best practice in local, European and international healthcare communications. We’re thrilled to have been recognised as Medical Education Consultancy of the Year in 2016.


The Judges commented:
“We loved the energy, honesty and authenticity of this Virgo team, together with their incredible hunger to win. Their originality in the services they offer, geared toward creative medical learning, was impressive, as was the pride and passion clearly invested in the work. We loved that the management team had a great start-up mentality; overcoming adversity, leading with conviction and fostering a real sense of team. Virgo Health Education is not only a great place to work, but also a great industry example.”

The essence of our work is creating a dialogue between pharmaceutical, biotech and device companies, and healthcare professionals at a national, regional, and global level.

But we don’t do medical education…we do Creative Medical Learning.

Our Creative Medical Learning approach is transforming the Medical Education landscape

We enable healthcare professionals to make better clinical decisions for their patients by transforming medical education through our Creative Medical Learning approach.

We draw on latest principles of human learning to deliver personalised, engaging and memorable medical education, using creativity and technology like never before.

While content will always be king, memorable experiences are all in the delivery. Real, relevant and human.

Our work is underpinned by our core specialisms

Being Experts

Collaboration is key

We have a 360 degree experience of healthcare in action. By learning from patients and HCPs we gather insights and gain a true understanding

By knowing why our stakeholders make the decisions they do, we can identify the problem and provide a direct and personal solution



Being live

We create memorable events.

Every meeting is different, one size doesn’t fit all.

Using our unique service design approach we have mapped out meeting touchpoints to maximise delegate experience and message retention.


Being Digital

Taking inspiration from the consumer world, we ensure intelligent use of digital and technology in educational programmes.

Digital prolongs our content use and takes it to a wider audience to maximise reach.

We have the tools and expertise to guide our clients and their compliance/legal teams through the process.


Being Scientific

Our experts have a solid scientific background. Scientific rigour is the foundation of what we do.

But it goes beyond this. Our experts are passionate about science and have a strong healthcare curiosity.

Our scientific experts have in-depth knowledge of our specialist therapy areas.


Being Creative

We embrace trends for delivering a personalised experience.

We look to design to reflect the way information is disseminated, with interactive and visually-driven content.

We have moved away from traditional ‘push’ methods of education to using collaborative, community-based learning techniques.




Being Commercial

We also understand that we have to be commercially savvy.

Using our unique features and benefits approach we target the heart of the issues to connect with the audience.

If we win over the heart, the passion will follow.


Being Partners

We are all consumers, and we know what great service looks like and of course what bad service looks like! Whether in relation to our bank, an airline, a mobile phone company, or a host of other examples, we all know what we have experienced and what we expect.

No matter what the circumstances, we are always in the driving seat. The responsibility for proactively managing the standard of our service and the quality of our client relationships rests firmly with us. We pride ourselves on our ability to work in partnership with our clients.