Audiences in the healthcare space have come to expect more human and personalised forms of communication. There is a greater demand for more inspiring, and ultimately creative, forms of engagement than we have ever seen in our industry before.

The Pharmacy is our creative studio dispensing best-in-class creativity and design.

Our Pharmacy team use their expertise to develop bolder, braver content that captures the attention of our clients’ audiences.

Our creatives and design team are experts in creative strategy and execution. Their specialist skills include art direction, motion and graphic design. They seek to break new ground in the traditionally conservative healthcare and pharma world, by applying innovative approaches drawn from the wider communications industry, for maximum impact.

Each of our designers has a passion for outstanding communication delivery. It’s not just what you say – the way you present it really matters. That means choosing the right channels and tailoring visual content for them.

Rapid change and constant innovation are a way of life in multimedia communication. So it makes sense to have a team dedicated to knowing and practising the latest techniques and approaches in online and offline communication design.

Your account team knows your priorities, your market, your science, products and stakeholders and builds up campaigns that achieve your business goals. We help them make sure that those campaigns are executed effectively, imaginatively and appropriately for the audience you’re engaging with.


Our digital experts and social strategists offer consultancy that zooms in on strategy and tactics that work. They work with each division to build in digital and social from the start of every programme.

At Virgo we design and develop digital platforms and apps and help our clients navigate the intricate social media landscape so that they can connect with their audiences via the right channel, at the right time, on a relevant and personal level.

  • Joined-up strategic and tactical digital /social ideation and planning
  • Content creation: copy, image, motion, immersive (3D, VR)
  • Community management and social listening
  • Content hub design and production
    (websites, apps)

Being Human – a digital perspective

Our meetings offer is led by our Progress Director, Steve Wynne, who is an expert in meeting design and facilitation. It provides a fresh approach that brings clarity and confidence to decisions about our clients’ brands.

We use the latest principles of human communication, synthesis and decision-making to empower delegates to collaborate more effectively, efficiently and exceptionally.  Solutions are designed to be meaningful and memorable. Scientific rigour, coupled with expert emotional intelligence facilitation and organisational precision, means the delegates and you can love the process and follow on with energy and momentum.