egg is the healthcare innovation hub powered by Virgo Health

We develop and launch products that make a meaningful every day difference to patients, healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry.

egg also offers an innovation service to support organisations in solving problems and challenges through a unique process which achieves profound understanding from insight, looking at areas of unmet need through a different lens to create solutions that transform lives.

egg currently has two proprietary white-label products, PRODIGI and TRIAL360.

What is PRODIGI?


PRODIGI is white-label technology to create closed purpose-built digital networks enabling organisations to facilitate improved collaborative working, best practice sharing, ongoing professional development and health education whilst learning from the insights captured.


What is TRIAL360?


TRIAL360 is a white-label solution to create a central digital platform enabling maximum clinical trial efficiency without compromising standards. It provides quality and convenient training, comprehensive resources, expert support and opportunities for collaborative networking for pharma, investigators, experts and patients all in one place. It has a proven track record in offering superior clinical trial success – better fulfilling the needs of investigators and patients to help run clinical trials effectively and efficiently.

In their blog about TRIAL360, the editor of Applied Clinical Trials noted that “as the clinical trials landscape changes, and the need to find specific patients and enroll them through their physician-investigator becomes more important, a platform that facilitates engaged and informed networking and training could bring the necessary glue needed to the process.”

HOW do we do it?

The egg innovation process is designed to produce brilliant solutions quickly.  egg’s secret recipe for innovation uses refined recognised techniques and filters combined with award winning creativity to achieve profound understanding from insight.

We create ideas fast and fail ideas faster. If people, money and time are your most scarce resources, you don’t want to waste them on ideas that won’t work.

As such, our solutions process of Research (Immersion), ADL (A Different Lens) and STB (Sink the best) is designed to ensure that we achieve the best solutions and products that transform lives, in the quickest possible time.



And WHY?

There are unmet needs in healthcare which if solved will make a difference to the lives of people living with health conditions and working within health and care. Over the last few years we have seen increasing expectation from those responsible for reimbursing and providing access to medicines for pharma to focus on not just providing effective medicines but also on the holistic health of a patient to improve outcomes  and lower costs.

egg, powered by the deep expertise and heritage of Virgo Health, can support industry to work out what services patients and healthcare professionals really need and want and how the reimbursement process is evolving to support provision of such services.