Client Services Director

I joined Virgo in: February 2010

Why Virgo?

It’s PURPLE, my favourite colour! The Virgo values, training and culture we discussed in my interview are still relevant today. I’ve always been amazed at how focused Virgo is on the team, encouraging people to be ambitious whist still feeling supported.

What does Being Human mean to you?

It’s not just about one person, it’s a team effort. If there is a challenge to overcome we’ll put our heads together and find an answer. It’s unravelling the complicated, making it logical and efficient, there is always a solution and the simpler the better. We take time to recognise personal aspirations, this means we have a happy team that want to be GREAT and that passion translates to our clients and work.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

Being outdoors, either in Richmond Park or back home in Wales. Renovating my flat has kept me very busy.